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Today we have an awesome guest entry by [ profile] _bettina_!

December 7th:


Screencaps by [ profile] fprintmoon @ [ profile] gallicka. Click on the picture for bigger versions.
Series 4 of Merlin has been so great (♥♥♥) and I just love this shot of Merlin and Arthur!

Story rec: Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love by [ profile]new_kate (Merlin; Merlin/Arthur, modern AU, transfic) - A wonderful story about new beginnings and love, it made my heart melt. One of my favorite Merlin stories. :)
Arthur moves to a a different city to start a new life and become a new man. On a whim he decides to share a flat with an attractive stranger, and quickly gets drawn into Merlin's odd little world.

Celebrity rec: One of my most favorite celebrities to follow is George Takei. He's funny and snarky and just awesome and everyone should follow him as well! It's okay to be Takei! ♥
George Takei on Twitter, Facebook and his blog: That blog is so Takei.

Tumblr rec: Tumblr is all about pictures for me, looking at pictures and reblogging them. The Magical Nature Tour Tumblr has everything I love: cute animals and breathtaking nature pictures.

Songs: I love Adele and her music and they had such an awesome mash up on Glee of Adele's songs.

Amber Riley & Naya Rivera - Rumor Has It-Someone Like You // Adele - Rumour Has It // Adele - Someone Like You (mp3, all MU links)

Rumour Has It / Someone Like You (Glee Cast Version) (YouTube)

Christmas Songs: Queen - Thank God it's Christmas (YouTube) // Robbie Williams - So This Is Christmas (YouTube)

Once again, my recs are all over the place, but I hope you like them! :)
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