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Today we have an awesome guest entry by [ profile] fleurrochard!

December 21st:


I really, really, really love this new version of Sherlock Holmes. And I really, really, really love this picture.

Rec: The Asteroidea Trilogy by [ profile] etothepii (Sherlock BBC-His Dark Materials Fusion, Sherlock/John, Mycroft/John, Sherlock/John/Mycroft) - This story once again shows that His Dark Material is a fandom made for fusions (I'd kind of want a HDM fusion for every fandom I read in...) What kind of daemon does everyone have? How do they interact? The solution Etothepii has found here is really kind of perfect.
Go read! Or well - listen! Because the wonderful FayJay has recorded this story as a podfic. \o/

Songs: So my theme here is Sherlock and that made me think of the violin - have some violin music!

Alban Berg Quartett: Streichquartett Nr. 12 c-moll D 703 - Allegro assai by Franz Schubert // David Garrett: Peer Gynt // Nigel Kennedy: The Four Seasons - Winter by Antonio Vivaldi

Enjoy! :-)

Date: 21 Dec 2010 22:43 (UTC)
rikes: baby with headphones (Listen to the music playing in your head)
From: [personal profile] rikes
Awesome music! Thank you!

Date: 22 Dec 2010 19:24 (UTC)
fleurrochard: A black and white picture of a little girl playing air-guitar and singing (Default)
From: [personal profile] fleurrochard
You're very welcome! :)

Date: 22 Dec 2010 18:41 (UTC)
ext_979: (x-mas - gingerbread (_bettina_))
From: [identity profile]
I also love this version of Sherlock a lot! :D

And I don't really have time to actually read the story, but the podfic will be PERFECT to listen to while traveling home tomorrow! Thanks! <3

Also totally putting the music on my mp3-player, too!

Great entry, Fleur! Thank you again so much! :*

Date: 22 Dec 2010 19:26 (UTC)
fleurrochard: A black and white picture of a little girl playing air-guitar and singing (Default)
From: [personal profile] fleurrochard
I'm totally basing my rec of this story on the podfic, actually. *g* So, good choice! (Also, selfpimp: My podbang has been posted. Maybe you'd like that as well. :D)

And you're very welcome - it's always a joy to be in your advent calendar!

Date: 22 Dec 2010 22:06 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hee! And hey, I love the story you podbanged! I will totally listen to you read it to me!!! Thanks! :D


Date: 24 Dec 2010 02:21 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I didn't expect to love Sherlock as much as I did.

When is season 2? Too far away! Argh!

Date: 4 Jan 2011 21:29 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think I was bored so I just gave it a try one weekend and I was surprised how very much I got sucked into it :D .



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