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Today we have an awesome guest entry by [ profile] msktrnanny!

December 14th:


New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys closed out the AMA awards this year. Not only were each individual band's fans excited, the audience in attendance loved it. Here they are on the red carpet. I guess with nine boybanders in one shot it was just fate that there would be more than one shiny suit.

Three of these guys are giving the performance of the evening. One guy is just too excited to hold it in any more.

Rec: Some would argue that crossover is limited to taking one member of a band and romantically pairing him with a member of another group or fandom but I love when the crossover is the boys into another fandom. One of the best things about crossovers in popslash is how far afield the boys are flung to entertain the locals.

Poptarts in Atlantis by [ profile] flambeau - in which JC is JC, except he's also somewhere in space and a brilliant scientist and the scientists from Atlantis are also themselves, just where they're supposed to be.
Somebody once described this to me as a 'delightful romp', I think that's a great description.

Anomaly by [ profile] pensnest - Lance and Nick arrive on the starship Enterprise.
Possibly the best place for any of the pop boys to crossover into. Star Trek invented the '/' after all. Hilarious and irreverent.

A more traditional crossover: Change My Everyday by [ profile] arsenicjade - Lance and Howie find love interband.
A wonderfully written story that's satisfying both in length and the happy sigh factor.


When I Grow Up - the Backstreet Boys cover the Beach Boys.

AMA's - New Kids and BSB sing a medley of their hits for the AMA's.

O Holy Night by Nsync. Go, watch, enjoy.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Enjoy! :-)
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