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Today we have an awesome guest entry by [ profile] meinnim!

December 7th:


Danny and Steve from Hawaii Five-0
I'm a sucker for men in suits. And I love how this picture gives a glimpse of their personalities: Danny's wearing a tie (he likes ties) and his suit is mostly buttoned up because he's a stickler for following rules and proper procedures but can be flexible too.
In contrast, Steve's tie is undone (he doesn't like ties) and his suit is flung open because he tends to play fast and loose with the rules. Rules, what rules?
Ties and suits aside, the best thing about this picture is their smiles.

Recs: Make a Move ('Cause I Ain't Got All Night) by [ profile] stillane - Danny's parents come to Hawaii for a visit and Steve is acting strangely. Ties are involved.
One of my favorite fic scenarios is Character A being oblivious to the fact that Character B likes him, even when that character is practically yelling 'hey, I like you!' to his face. I'm amused at how Danny is baffled when Steve does un-Steve-like things and how he doesn't pick up on the reason behind Steve's actions.

Just Put Your Lips Together (and Blow) by [ profile] laceymcbain - Danny wants Steve to whistle. “You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together - and blow.”
I adore Danny's wandering internal monologue and his attempts to communicate with Steve in this fic. Funny, insightful and goes off on tangents. The banter, sexual tension, double meanings and the promise of things to come are added bonuses.

Media: Something's Gotta Give by [ profile] lamardeuse - When an irresistible force such as you / Meets an old immovable object like me / You can bet just as sure as you live / Somethin's gotta give
I grin every time I watch this vid because it fits Danny and Steve perfectly. No one else can get Steve to smile or smirk like that except Danny. And no one can rile up or get to Danny faster than Steve.

Don't Call It A Bromance from cbseyelab - Wow, CBS created a Danny/Steve slash vid!
No, really, this is an official CBS Hawaii Five-0 promo vid that is slashy as hell. They put together to showcase that it's not a bromance, which means it's more of a romance between Danny and Steve.

Trouble by split7waysSSG - This one is not strictly about Danny and Steve but they are included in this multifandom (b)romance vid. It's fun to see favorite scenes of my favorite pairings all together in one vid.
Other pairings: Dean/Castiel (Supernatural), Peter/Neal (White Collar), Sherlock/John (Sherlock BBC), Holmes/Watson (Sherlock 2009 movie).

Enjoy! :-)
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