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Today we have an awesome guest entry by [ profile] stellamira!

December 7th:


Poor boys. Nothing can ever go right for them, not even Christmas - As you can see by the bandages on Dean's arms and the (not visible) bandaid on Sam's finger where he got a fingernail ripped out. Outside the window there's the Impala and the motel's sorry excuse for a Christmas decoration. But they have each other and gifts wrapped in newspaper, and that's all they need.

Rec: I've read so many great stories in the last few years that I'm having a hard time picking. These stories, however, aren't only well written, there are great podfic versions, too.

Hangman Is Coming Down From the Gallows from [ profile] withdiamonds (Podfic) (SPN; Sam/Dean) - It's the last day of Dean Winchester's life. Over and over and over. This is a story that sticks with you for a long time, cleverly unfolding and pulling you in. I didn't want to read it and get distracted by a million other things, so I listened to the podfic while I had absolutely nothing else to do and could fully concentrate on it. It was in its own folder of my mp3 player, and when it ended, the "Y" folder came and with it Neil Young - Heart of Gold. For a second, I thought that it belonged to the podfic, because the melody and the quiet feel of the song fit so well after the story.

The Devil Really Does Wear Prada by [ profile] balefully (Podfic) (SPN; Sam/Dean) - You probably need something lighter after the first story now. You know these stories where an author takes an absolutely cracked-out premise - like, say, Sam graduated from Stanford and took up a job as the flamingly gay assistant of Miranda Priestly, editor of the Runway fashion magazine - and totally makes it work? This is one of those stories. Hilarious and scorchingly hot. And [ profile] sadcypress does an awesome job with the reading.

Live & On Stage by [ profile] allamboy (Podfic) (SPN RPS; Jared/Jensen) - Jared is a member of the Mickey Mouse Club and Jensen is "the shy one" of boyband 5 x Everything. They're both going on Disney Summer Tour 2009. Seriously, if that summary doesn't hook you, I don't know what will. If you ever dabbled in the Popslash fandom, this is the best crossover without actually being a crossover ever.

The Last of the Romantics by [ profile] balefully (Podfic) (SPN RPS; Jared/Jensen) - The story itself - a J2 version of Sabrina is as good as all of balefully's stories are, angsty, and hot, and, well, romantic. And I really like the podfic. The story takes place nowadays in the US, but fayjay/[ profile] pandarus's reading sort of reminds you of England, a long time ago, which fits it really well.

Song: There are so many great songs on Supernatural; these are some of the few that stood out -- because they fit the scenes or the whole show just perfectly. Or because Jensen can play a mean leg guitar to them. ;)

AC/DC - Back in Black // Rosemary Clooney - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas // Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising // Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son // Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

And one song that I still wish will be used on the show some time, preferably in the very last episode, when Sam and Dean and the Impala drive off into the sunset (a girl can dream, right?). Listen to the lyrics; it's like it's been written for Sam and Dean: Crowded House - Don't Dream (Hey Now)

Enjoy! :-)
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