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I am actually completely late today, sorry. But I have an awesome guest entry by [ profile] turloughishere!

December 7th:


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I had a terrible time trying to decide which picture to chose and I finally ended up with this one, mostly because it goes so well with my story rec. I mean, look at these guys, completely ordinary and even kind of loser-y. The sort that would only end up becoming a world famous band like My Chemical Romance in some kind of wacky AU. No, The Nesty 'Verse is a much more likely scenario for what really happened to them.

Rec: The Nesty 'Verse by [ profile] bexless & [ profile] cimorene111 is an AU in which My Chemical Romance never existed. Gerard threw himself into the arts, Ray's a studio musician, Bob's still a soundtech, after college Frank started his own small record company and Mikey works for him. It's such a wonderfully realised AU setting and the characterisation and atmosphere are absolutely first-class. And it's funny! And reading it makes me feel all warm and happy!
Absence Sort of Does Make the Heart - The first part is all about Bob and Ray and how they ended up together.
Worth It - The middle story takes place a few years later and tells the tale about how Bob and Ray, with some questionable help from Mikey & Frank & Gerard, manage to move into a new apartment and start a new phase in their life together.
Conclusions - The last part in the series takes place a few month after the middle one. Frank's looking for a lodger and Mikey thinks his big brother, who's finally getting kicked out of their parents' basement, would be the ideal person. My favourite in the series. What everything labeled "romantic comedy" really should be like!

Songs: But of course those guys really did end up in a world famous band and one that I really, really like too! Gerard Way's got a voice that I've seen described as "athletic" and "powerful" and the music itself is loud and noisy and remarkably beautiful. To me My Chemical Romance sounds like a sort of synthesis between classic rock and punk, very different from for example Fall Out Boy, the other "big" band in the bandslash fandom. Here are three of my favourite songs from their latest album, The Black Parade:

The Sharpest Lives // Welcome To The Black Parade // Mama

Enjoy! :-)
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