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I just said 'OMG, I can't do this' at least like three times but people on Skype keep reassuring me that I totally can. And I think I just did! All the entries for 2012 are done! And by the time you are reading this it's going to be the 24th again OMG WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!

As always I have to thank like a ton of people without whom MFAC just wouldn't have been possible. Huge thanks to:

  • [ profile] _bettina_, [ profile] tmz_cori and [ profile] fleurrochard for their fantastic guest entries

  • [ profile] tmz_cori again and [ profile] stellamira for the brilliant mixes they created

  • [ profile] frausorge for her awesome exclusive story

  • [ profile] fleurrochard for the amazing podfic she did for her guest entry rec

  • [ profile] ihearthings_ii for her fabulous wintry and fannish icons

  • [ profile] turlough for her fabulous John Bauer art icons

  • and last but never ever least, the wonderful [ profile] _bettina_ again for tackling posting duties when I'm traveling towards/am at my parents' place.

  • You will never know how much it means to me to always be able to count on people to help me out with this and to share their creativity with MFAC. Thank you so so much!

    I also want to thank everyone who has been along for the ride for the first time this year or yet again. Thanks for all the comments and for mentioning MFAC in your journals and yes, for making it so much easier to do this every year by cheering me on with your kind comments.


    See you all next year for the big 10 year anniversary, y/y? :D

    December 24th )

    Enjoy! :-)
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    Wow, I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve! Where did the time go?
    I also can't believe that I have done this for the fifth year in a row now. Totally not what I expected to happen when I thought of this in November 2004. Hee!

    I have to thank each and every one of you who took the time to do this with me again. I loved all the comments about liking one of the pictures or one of the stories or one of the songs or clips and yes, thank you! ♥

    Also, a huge thanks to:

    • [ profile] ninjetti75, [ profile] milenaa and [ profile] fleurrochard for their wonderful guest entries

    • [ profile] rikes and [ profile] _bettina_ for their wonderful icons

    • [ profile] turloughishere for her wonderful headers, friends only banners and icons

    • [ profile] coreopsis for her fabulous Merlin story

    • [ profile] milenaa again for her lovely Bob/Spencer fanart

    • [ profile] _bettina_ again for posting the last few entries for me while I'm away from civilization already visiting my parents

    • and last but certainly not least to [ profile] valya22 for letting me call her at all times to whine and squee and brainstorm about this

    I seriously couldn't have done this without all of you. x INFINITY

    And now, the final door for this year - December 24th )

    Enjoy and hopefully I'll see you all again next year! :-)
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    Wow, another year of this done! \o/

    I want to thank everyone who hang out with me again and especially those who let me know that they enjoyed a story or liked a picture or took some of the music - I don't think there would have been a fourth year of this without all that so yes, thank you! *hugs everyone*

    A special and huge THANK YOU also goes out
    • to [ profile] _bettina_, [ profile] fleurrochard and [ profile] turloughishere for their awesome guest entries

    • to [ profile] _bettina_, [ profile] stellamira and [ profile] turloughishere for their icon, story and wallpaper contributions

    • to [ profile] _bettina_ again for posting the last few entries for me (you are clearly made of win, yo! :)

    • and last but certainly not least to [ profile] valya22 for brainstorming and letting me whine and giving me hugs and encouragement and making it generally easier to post an entry every day

    You are all fabulous! x infinity

    And now the last 'door', December 24th )

    Enjoy! :-)
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    I can't believe it's already Christmas - hasn't time just flown by? Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed my little countdown but from all the awesome responses I got I guess it's a pretty sure thing to say it was a success. Hee!
    Thanks to everyone for commenting and squeeing and for cheering me on that way - y'all rock! And a special and big THANK YOU again to [ profile] _bettina_, [ profile] coreopsis and [ profile] stellamira for their contributions. *hugs everyone*

    And now, December 24th )

    Enjoy! :-)


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