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December 8th )

Enjoy! :-)
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Wow, another year of this done! \o/

I want to thank everyone who hang out with me again and especially those who let me know that they enjoyed a story or liked a picture or took some of the music - I don't think there would have been a fourth year of this without all that so yes, thank you! *hugs everyone*

A special and huge THANK YOU also goes out
  • to [ profile] _bettina_, [ profile] fleurrochard and [ profile] turloughishere for their awesome guest entries

  • to [ profile] _bettina_, [ profile] stellamira and [ profile] turloughishere for their icon, story and wallpaper contributions

  • to [ profile] _bettina_ again for posting the last few entries for me (you are clearly made of win, yo! :)

  • and last but certainly not least to [ profile] valya22 for brainstorming and letting me whine and giving me hugs and encouragement and making it generally easier to post an entry every day

You are all fabulous! x infinity

And now the last 'door', December 24th )

Enjoy! :-)
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I can't believe it's already Christmas - hasn't time just flown by? Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed my little countdown but from all the awesome responses I got I guess it's a pretty sure thing to say it was a success. Hee!
Thanks to everyone for commenting and squeeing and for cheering me on that way - y'all rock! And a special and big THANK YOU again to [ profile] _bettina_, [ profile] coreopsis and [ profile] stellamira for their contributions. *hugs everyone*

And now, December 24th )

Enjoy! :-)
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First: Thanks to everyone who joined me for the last 24 days! I really appreciated every comment and it cheered me on when I couldn't decide which story to rec or which song or picture to use :-) .

And now the last 'door' for this year - December 24th )

Enjoy! :-)


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