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Happy Christmas Eve! :) This has been the 10th edition of MFAC, which still doesn't even seem possible to me, tbqh. HOW DOES TIME WORK?!

It's yet again been a fun ride though! At least it was for me. But then I did have a lot "" of help! :D

Humongous thanks to:

  • [ profile] _bettina_ and [ profile] fleurrochard for their fantastic guest entries

  • [ profile] bingbulette for the brilliant mix she created with added A+++ picspam

  • [ profile] frausorge and [ profile] iconis for their awesome exclusive stories

  • [ profile] aredblush for her gorgeous exclusive art

  • [ profile] turlough for her fabulous cat icons

  • and last but never ever least, the wonderful [ profile] _bettina_ again for tackling posting duties when I'm traveling towards/am at my parents' place.

  • I love you all and you are rockstars and I am incredibly grateful and humbled by your willingness to contribute time and talent and effort to this little thing.

    On to the last door! December 24th )

    Enjoy! :)
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    December 20th )

    Enjoy! :)
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    December 5th )

    Enjoy! :)
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    December 20th )

    Enjoy! :-)
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    Hello, darlings! :) It's that time of year again, welcome to the 2012 edition of this little thing!

    It's blowing my mind that I'm doing this for the 9th time this year and I hope you'll all have some fun. Thanks for being along for the ride! ♥

    December 1st )

    Enjoy! :-)


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