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December 23rd:


As someone who has a lot of friends in far away places, this image really spoke to me. Yes, I'm on my phone a lot. But I also use it to communicate with people a lot. SO THERE. [source]

Rec: I also use my phone a lot to read. I use Aldiko for fic (get an ereader app, no need for an AO3 app!) and I have the Kindle app too. The Kindle app really helped/was awful when I had a bit of a romance novel renaissance recently. Let me recommend a series I really enjoyed:

The Brothers Sinster series by Courtney Milan

½. The Governess Affair | 1. The Duchess War | 1½. A Kiss for Midwinter | 2. The Heiress Effect | 3. The Countess Conspiracy | 4. The Suffragette Scandal | 4½. Talk Sweetly to Me

I enjoyed this series so so much! It's three guys (and a secret lady) who give the series its name and there are a few side stories (the ½ ones). I don't think there was a single book in this series I didn't enjoy. CM has strong female characters and lovable male characters and diversity and it's all wrapped up in lovely writing and I srsly had trouble putting these books down (well, these mobi files). So yes, if you care about romance novels at all, you should definitely give this series a try! :)

Nifty thingie:

What colour is it? - shows the colour according to the HTML colour code generated by the time. so cool! :D

Enjoy! :)
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