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December 9th:


Women play hockey too! :D

German national goaltender Viona Harrer.

Finnish national goaltender Noora Räty.

Swiss national goaltender Florence Schelling. DO I POSSIBLY HAVE A WOMEN GOALTENDER PROBLEM? Maybe.

American hockey players Hilary Knight, Amanda Kessel, Julie Chu and the Lamoureux twins that I can't actually tell apart :D: (one is Monique, one is Jocelyne)

Japanese players Ayaka Toko (4), Sena Suzuki (6), Yuka Hirano (17), Tomoko Sakagami (18) and Hanae Kubo (21) bowing to each other before celebrating with a hug :D <3

As is sadly usual with women's team sports, female hockey teams get way less attention and money than their male counterparts. The German women's hockey team qualified for the Sochi Olympics while the men's team didn't - guess which program they discussed shutting down??? :/


Love thy enemy (29115 words) by [ profile]aellos
Fandom: Hockey RPF, Women's Hockey RPF
Rating: Mature // Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Original Fiction
Summary: Francesca punches like a dream. It wasn’t quite the first thing Bailey noticed about her, but it certainly left the strongest impression: split lip, black eye, three stitches and a scar that takes Bailey weeks to stop chewing on when she’s nervous. Watching Francesca take someone down is a thing of beauty, but being on the other side of it is really something else.

There is also not a lot of women's hockey fic (Knight and Kessel get slashed quite a bit!) and I don't think I actually had many hopes for the story above when I downloaded it (there was a really bad one with Noora Räty that had all the terrible epithets, my ~favorite still being the Swedish speaking Finn ;___; ) but this turned out to be such a fabulous story *________* Great characters, lots of hockey action, long, very very hot :D


Noora Räty interview with LOHI-TV [only game commentary is Finnish, the actual interview parts are English!] - Noora plays for a men's team in Finland right now, she's talking a bit about what's it like.

Raising an Olympian: Julie Chu - cool profile with Julie and her mom.

Enjoy! :)
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